Mark Propster


As a Vintage Motorcycle enthusiast, we share your passion and want to support your restoration projects. We are offering the best possible vapor blasting of parts in the shortest amount of time, at the most competitive price possible. 

Nor'Easter BlastWorx provides a lustrous satin finish that meets or exceeds our customers' expectations in quality; turning their motorcycle in to a work of art they can be proud of riding or showing. 

Vapor Blasting mixes glass beads with water, adds air at the nozzle, giving a high quality satin finish to your parts. We also provide degreasing of parts if necessary, and carburetor ultrasonic cleaning. 

Nor'Easter Blastworx is owned and operated by vintage motorcycle enthusiast, Mark Propster.  He has been riding and wrenching motorcycles for many years.


A compass can be a lifesaver for travelers and outdoor adventurers. By using it, they can identify the way in reaching the destination they desire to go. A compass guides its user by unchangingly pointing its arrow to the same direction. Like you with focus and determination, it doesn’t matter where your restoration projects are right now, what is more important is our aim and determination in getting the results you want.
A nor'easter is a cyclonic storm that moves along the east coast of North America. It's called “nor'easter” because the winds blow from a northeasterly direction. Nor’Easter BlastWorx uses these natural forces, water, glass, and air to Vapor Blast by Storm.

Vapor Blasting has an amazing ability to restore all kinds of parts, components, and casings back to their "as new" condition - A process that needs to be seen to be believed! Contact me for more information.

Do you have a motorcycle restoration project...let Nor'Easter Blastworx help you save time and trouble cleaning of your bike parts!

WHAT DO WE DO?   Nor`Easter Blastworx provides high quality Vapor Blasting of motorcycle parts.

HOW DO WE DO IT?  Using an industrial Vapor Blast Machine, this mixes water, glass beads, and air to softly clean away years of corrosion, oxidization, and yellowed clear coat, leaving a smooth, lustrous satin finish.

WHO DO WE DO IT FOR?  Vintage motorcycle enthusiasts and you will always receive the best possible job in the shortest amount of time, at the most competitive price possible.
Mark, the owner of Nor'Easter Blastworx, has brought the best method to restore, clean and preserve metal for motorcycles, snowmobiles and cars to clean metal for his own classic motorcycle restorations. Mark is an avid vintage motorcycle restorer, and personally runs the vapor blasting equipment used to restore your parts.

WHAT VALUE ARE WE BRINGING?  Keeping the vintage motorcycle restoration hobby a fun experience by taking the hard work out of cleaning old parts of grease, crud, and oxidation, and giving them a lustrous satin finish.

Send your Japanese, British, American, and European motorcycle parts for vapor blasting.  Your restoration project parts will quickly go from barn fresh to factory fresh!

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