Nor’Easter Blastworx, based in Hinsdale NH, in the heart of New England, offers a non-aggressive vapor blasting service, also known as aqua or wet blasting. The process uses (150-200 micron) glass media suspended in a low pressure water and air system.  Vapor Blasting has an amazing ability to restore all kinds of parts, components, and castings back to their "as new" condition - A process that needs to be seen to be believed!

In addition to the need for Vapor Blasting supporting our own restoration work, we offer our facilities and expertise to other businesses and individuals, both locally and throughout the country.

We guarantee to do the best job we can to restore and bring your parts back to life and looking new again. “If we don’t satisfy you 100%, we don’t take your money.”



The action of the glass bead hammering the surface actually peens the surface pores closed, giving you a surface that is harder and more stain-resistant than when it was new.
You can prove this to yourself.

STEP 1: Scribble on your bead-blasted part with a black ink marker.

STEP 2: Try to wipe the marks off. What happens? 

Does the ink soak right in? This means your surface area is NOT VAPORBLASTED

On a VAPORBLASTED part, you can WIPE THAT INK OFF with a little solvent on a clean cloth.  A vapor blasted motorcycle engine will wipe clean EVERY TIME!


Vapor blasting is a process of cleaning parts back to their original 'as new' finish. Also known as aqua blasting or wet blasting, an industrial Vapor Blast machine mixes water, glass beads, and air to softly clean away years of corrosion, oxidization, and yellowed clear coat, leaving a smooth, lustrous satin finish. An anti corrosion additive is also included to help prevent studs, etc. from rusting after cleaning.

Here at Nor’Easter BlastWorx we follow our quality control process:

  1. Your parts are inspected and photographed, and any possible issues identified.

  2. Your parts will get a trip (if required) through the Magnus Miji-Lif 24 immersion parts cleaner using an aqueous solution to remove any heavy deposits of grease, sludge, gunk or oil. Your parts are inspected.

  3. Your parts are then Vapor Blasted in the Media Blast & Abrasive Hurricane Vapor Blast Cabinet. Your parts are inspected, and returned to the Vapor Blaster if necessary.  Then they are immediately rinsed with water, dried, and sprayed with ACF-50.  Your parts are again inspected.

  4. Finished parts are photographed before they are carefully packed and returned to you.


Another service we offer, which complements our Vapor Blasting, is Ultrasonic Cleaning. Ultrasonic Cleaning uses high frequency sound waves through liquid to effectively remove dirt and contaminants such as stale fuel.  It provides a powerful yet gentle cleaning process for all hard to reach areas. What it won't do is remove staining and general dulling of aluminum. Vapor blasting will restore that "as new" finish.

It is non caustic and non abrasive, so is very popular for internal cleaning of carbs, jets, etc. Ultrasonic cleaning uses bubbles induced by high frequency pressure (sound) waves to agitate a liquid which provides an effective cleaning method.

Ultrasonic cleaning penetrates even microscopic openings to provide complete cleaning of the objects treated. This makes it one of the most effective, economical and powerful cleaning methods available especially in small delicate components.



Vapor Blasting is a specialized process which produces a very fine finish without damage to the component. It is especially effective on restoring parts with complex shapes where manual cleaning is difficult.

This process can be used on aluminum, brass, copper and bronze and can bring parts back to show quality.

Vapor blasting uses only environmentally safe media and water to wash away years, even decades of, oxidation, deterioration, and corrosion.  The media is light and has the texture of very fine flour.
It is mixed in the vapor blast machine with water and sent along the hose where air creates the vapor!

The slurry mixture is pumped to the nozzle and the operator can get very close and gently clear away every bit hiding in the deepest crevices.

Unlike dry-grit blasting which is designed to fire media at high speeds and bounce off the surface the vapor-blast mixture is so soft it does not abrade away metal from your fine machined surfaces so it is unnecessary to mask those critical surfaces during blasting.

Vapor blasting is better than bead blasting!
Better than soda blasting or tumbling and better than any amount of scrubbing you can do by hand.
Vapor blasting has been in widespread use in the manufacturing, electronics, and defense industries ever since World War II
It is used to peen or profile a surface to SSA 2.5>international standard of cleaning a metal surface which will be painted.


Even though when parts are returned to you looking like new or even better, in time they will still need to be kept clean from dirt and salt from road conditions. Oxidization may form on your aluminum parts if left dirty. For a good aftercare protection we use ACF-50 anti- corrosion spray. This is produced in aerosol form that is thin and evenly sprayed on to parts giving a clear layer of protection that can possibly last up to 12 months. We will coat all parts blasted before being returned to you.


Our Hurricane Wet Blasting Machine is designed to blast many sizes of components.  The MB&A, Inc. machine uses a seal-less slurry pump to agitate the abrasive (glass bead) and water into a slurry mixture. The slurry mixture is then pumped to the abrasive blast gun where air pressure, accelerates the mixture to the desired pressure rating. The work area dimensions are 36" x 36" x 30"H, and the Door is 30" x 25"H.